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Game Description

Carried Away is physics based puzzle game where you construct chairlifts, drag lifts, gondolas, jumps and bridges to help skiers and mountain bikers navigate a range of mountain terrain. It is inspired by the classic bridge building genre. Using tension and compression created by cable systems, it flips what we love about bridge building upside down to create entirely new physics puzzles!

The campaign will dish out large doses of entertaining failure as the player attempts to build strong structures with a limited  budget. Set amongst the clouds in a colourful, low-poly world, you have the tools to create your own puzzles and engineer seemingly unfeasible chair lift systems. Once you have learned the ropes in the campaign, you can challenge your friends and the community and share your awesome creations and replays online.

Key Features

  • Original physics challenges
  • Long & varied campaign
  • Sandbox
  • Procedural mountain generation
  • Online gallery and workshop
  • OST



Release Date

Early access - Autumn 2017
Final release - Summer 2018


PC, OSX, Linux.

Company Bio

Established in 2016 and working on our first release, our mission is to create games that present you with entirely new concepts, far from the tried and tested.

Many studios out there are rehashing old experiences with new stories, art and music. Don’t get us wrong, we love so many of those games. They inspire our work, and If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Yet, at Huge Calf Studios, we're young, naive and like to do things our own way. We make games that we want to play. We make our own decisions and our own mistakes. This allows us to do more of the stuff that made us fall in love with game development in the first place. To create, build and imagine something that, love it or hate it, provides an experience that makes the player think "I played something new today."